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A magical place. A haven of tastes, friendships and calm. Warmth. Timelessness. From the sunbaked pine forests of the south, to the perched villages of the Luberon, the lavender fields of the north (where we are), Provence is a place to renew one’s connections with the earth.


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A 300 year old farm, nestled among river, woods and vineyard; a refuge since Roman times, or before. A peaceful retreat from the pulls of busy lives or a home base from which to explore markets, nature, wineries, cheese makers, potters and the patchwork of Provençal country life.


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Your Way

We all connect to the world in different ways. Enjoy a stay without plans or, if you desire, let us curate a retreat with excursions and trips to some of our favorite places. For those who love food, find out more about our annual culinary experience with chef and author, Sarah Scott.


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About Sarah

Growing up in the Deep South, Sarah Scott learned early on to take cooking seriously. Then she moved to California’s Napa Valley and discovered a new world of melting pot ingredients – and the magic that happens when great food and great wine come together in seamless harmony.


Today Sarah draws on her 25-plus-year career of working with renowned chefs, winemakers and wine professionals to create exceptional wine and food experiences. Whether she’s consulting on a wine and food project or cooking a winery dinner custom-designed to showcase the latest vintage, Sarah expertly balances flavors and ingredients so that the meal and the wine bring out the very best in each other. Learn more about Sarah at her website: http://www.sarahscottchef.com

About Janet Valette

About Janet

Janet’s love affair with the South of France began at age seventeen, when she attended a wedding in the countryside near Montpellier. Following this formative experience she declared, “I want to learn to speak French, marry a Frenchman and live in France.” After several more trips to France with her husband, Jean-Michel, and their two children, the couple became the “stewards” for Bramefam in 2001.


Janet splits her time 60/40 between California and France, taking her coaching and yoga practices with her. Her passions include cooking, entertaining, hiking, knitting and mindfulness. She is a certified life coach, helping women reconnect to their innate creativity and joy.

Welcome to Clos de Bramefam.

More about Bramefam

The name Bramefam means “to cry out in hunger.” There is a legend behind the name, which we share with our guests. Suffice it to say, the location is delightfully remote, and one can make plenty of noise without worrying about neighbors. At Bramefam we live closely to the rhythms of nature, whether it is listening to birdsong each morning, greeting a family of rare salamanders that emerges after a rainstorm, or watching the sun set over the vineyards while a well-known blue heron heads out for dinner.


The property consists of a main house and a guesthouse; each comprised of three bedrooms and two baths. The two houses adjoin, but do not communicate, offering each a bit of privacy. The previous owner, a German, fully renovated both houses in the 90’s. He committed over twenty years to the project, making it his life’s work. Janet and Jean-Michel added the infinity pool in 2002 and upgraded the guesthouse in 2008.

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition . What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”
~Alan Alda